Creative Resolve in Design: GRIT, From Ground Up

The second issue of Berkeley’s Ground Up Journal issued its call for submissions–due January 4th, 2013. Featuring conversations, photographs, essays and ideas about the idea of “Grit,” the issue will look at erosion, accrual, refinement and strategies for gritty landscapes. From the call for submissions:

“Grit is from the ground, abrasive and coarse. Grit erodes and accrues. Like sandpaper, Grit refines. Like the grain of sand that creates a pearl, Grit is an agitator and catalyst. After peering into Landscapes of Uncertainty, the second edition of GROUND UP explores Grit as a quality, material, texture and approach for negotiating change in our landscapes.


Shifts in climate and society call for responses and interventions grounded in creative resolve. What does the material quality of Grit cultivate in design practice? Can the Grit of localism, informal settlements and guerilla urbanism cross cultures and/or scales? Can Grit appropriate prevailing power structures toward the empowerment of the economically and ecologically vulnerable? How does the friction of Grit in design create ground for collaboration and when does it become too hot? Can the mutability of Grit translate into resilience in design? Can Grit be used to navigate between human desire for stable settlement and the inevitability of change?”

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