StreetMix: Code For America Labs Takes On Street Design

Want to design your own street, or quickly show someone what variations in Right-Of-Way (ROW) do to your street? Code For America graduates, in a January 2013 hackathon, created an online drag-and-drop street builder that lets you place various street elements in different spaces, and adjusting the ROW to desired traffic (and pedestrian, and biking) levels. The project states that one of the goals is to “be a part of the national conversation around Complete Streets, or the Project for Public Spaces’ Rightsizing Streets Guide.”


A quick version created with more generous tree sizes.

Designed in part by the desire to increase real-time engagement at community planning meetings, the fellows describe the project as “in the spirit of free software,” and encourage everyone to try it out and comment or suggest new features to help improve its usability.

“By creating an web-based version of this activity, planners can reach a wider audience than they could at meetings alone, and allow community members to share and edit each other’s creations.”

This app is a work in progress, and in a very early stage. Try it out for yourself at StreetMix.Net.


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