Urban Design Week 2011

The first ever Urban Design Week comes to NYC! “Urban Design Week is a new public festival created to engage New Yorkers in the fascinating and complex issues of the public realm, and to celebrate the streetscapes, sidewalks, and public spaces at the heart of city life.”

The Institute for Urban Design held an open-call ideas competition that has culminated in a week full of events that “highlight the fact that cities are made by collective effort, and that each of us can play a part.” In the weeks leading up to the competition, designers, students, community members, and citizens posted ideas to the website which were then categorized and mapped onto the NYC grid. Trends such as walk-ability, adaptive re-use, vacant spaces, and art in the city are among the popular categories; however, all things transit-oriented topped the charts, from bikes, to boats and rail. Ten winning entries are on display during the week-long exposition and can be seen on the Urban Design Week website, along with all of the other entries.

The events began Thursday, September 15 and will run through Tuesday, September 20. Several interesting events are still to come, including “Drawing the City” on Monday and the premier of Urbanized, a documentary about the issues and strategies behind urban design…I’m sure that an lively discussion will follow! A full list of the events can be found here: Festival Schedule.


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