SARAH KATHLEEN PECK, Website Editor-in-Chief + Founder

Sarah is a Communications Specialist and designer at SWA Group in Sausalito, CA.  She works in the spaces between landscape architecture, technology, communications, and strategy. Her background in psychology and design shaped her understanding of landscape architecture as a ground plane for the complex choreography of movements and behaviors that occur within a place. To this end, Sarah’s research and practice looks at the relationships between behavior, environment, and design. Previously, Sarah was an assistant editor for via//occupation, the PennDesign journal for architecture, landscape architecture, and design. 

Sarah merges her passions for writing and narrative with landscape architecture and spatial design. Interested in the tools with which designers communicate their ideas and the influence that landscape architects have on both our immediate and future environments, her work today looks at the power of our messages in shaping futures and ideas. As designers, we are also storytellers—we communicate visually and verbally our thoughts and ideas about how the physical world should be built. Currently, her projects include building new websites and networks for communication, pushing the envelope in the iterative design process, and forging new ground in bringing designers and media together.