SCENARIO 02: Performance
  • Spring 2012
  • Edited by Stephanie Carlisle and Nicholas Pevzner

Introduction: Performance

by Stephanie Carlisle and Nicholas Pevzner

Tomorrow’s cities will need to perform better than today’s. As landscape projects become more daring and complex, how do we ensure the quality of our work?

The Evolution Of Performance Metrics At Mithun

by Christian Runge

Lessons from Lloyd Crossing and Portland EcoDistricts Initiative showcase new tools for measuring ecological impact, human health, and the concrete results of design and planning interventions.

Coding Urban Metabolism

by Mona El Khafif

Yesterday’s models of zoning and planning are outmoded. Perhaps it’s time for a new ecological urban framework.

Uncertainty And Anxiety

by Renee Kaufman

We—researchers, architects, landscape architects, planners, policymakers—want to make informed decisions based on research, but until science tells us what the right thing is, it seems we're doomed to do the wrong thing.

Social Performance: Prototyping User Behavior

by Michael Miller

In order to form the basis of lasting urban interventions, projects must be not only environmentally sustainable, but socially and economically sustainable as well.