SCENARIO 06: Migration
  • Summer 2017
  • Edited by Stephanie Carlisle and Nicholas Pevzner

Introduction: Migration

by Stephanie Carlisle and Nicholas Pevzner

Migration is an instinct shared across many species, an essential ingredient for survival. The design of our cities and landscapes can facilitate or inhibit migrations. Is promoting connectivity always the answer? Which flows do we want to facilitate, and which to block?

Ode To Joy

by Traumnovelle

As the sea levels rose, people united. Our brightest minds found there was still hope for our civilization: A land, beyond the horizon. There were lengthy discussions regarding what to bring. But what of places? What of buildings and cities? Of course, we could not bring them all…

Movebank: An Interview With Roland Kays

by Nicholas Pevzner & Stephanie Carlisle

Better tracking technology is increasing researchers’ knowledge of animal movement. An interview with a co-founder of the Movebank animal tracking platform.

Trade As Form

by Alex Klatskin

Shipping containers move around the world in clear and repeatable patterns. These patterns are shifting. As climate change reshapes trade routes and coastal port locations, changing landscapes of distribution will reshape global trade and fundamental patterns of urbanization.

Coding Flux: Redesigning The Migrating Coast

by Fadi Masoud

As sea levels and groundwaters rise, 20th-century planning practices no longer suffice. Innovative planning approaches that embraces dynamic water levels and changing weather patterns are sorely needed.

The Spatialization Of Migration Policy In Europe

by Tami Banh & Antonia Rudnay

The personal journey of one specific refugee — Feras, from Aleppo — on his trek from Turkey to Germany highlights the physical ramifications of variations in the abstract political landscape of Europe and its borders.

Segunda Vida: An Architecture Of Resilience

by Mike Yengling

In a reversal of the predominant U.S.-Mexico border dynamic, building materials — and even entire buildings — make the migration across the border to Tijuana, becoming ingredients of a vibrant construction sector.

Travel By Night

by Audrey Burns Leites

The immigration process is increasingly complicated and scrutinized. The passport is the coveted final step in a long and complex journey for refugees, one that oscillates between humanity and bureaucracy.

Urban Sanctuary Network

by Eduardo Rega

Hidden in plain sight, this speculative Temporary Autonomous Zone uses its subversive architectural potential to protect the human rights of immigrants increasingly targeted and raided by ICE.