• Migrations in Our Habitats, Scaling From the Clone to the Continent

    by Steven N. Handel

    Plants are not static — they migrate too, at their own pace. Appreciating the universality of movement may put human migration in a more benign context. Here, an introduction to the ecology of migration.

  • Movebank: An Interview With Roland Kays

    by Nicholas Pevzner & Stephanie Carlisle

    Better tracking technology is increasing researchers’ knowledge of animal movement. An interview with a co-founder of the Movebank animal tracking platform.

  • Introduction: Migration

    by Stephanie Carlisle and Nicholas Pevzner

    Migration is an instinct shared across many species, an essential ingredient for survival. The design of our cities and landscapes can facilitate or inhibit migrations. Is promoting connectivity always the answer? Which flows do we want to facilitate, and which to block?

  • Coding Flux: Redesigning the Migrating Coast

    by Fadi Masoud

    As sea levels and groundwaters rise, 20th-century planning practices no longer suffice. Innovative planning approaches that embraces dynamic water levels and changing weather patterns are sorely needed.

Featured Issue

06: Migration

Migration is an instinct shared across many species, and a fundamental process for communities’ survival. Today, all kinds of populations are on the move in unprecedented and dramatic ways. Some migrations bring threats, perceived or real. The design of cities, landscapes and infrastructure can support or inhibit migrations. Scenario 6 explores selected facets of this complex topic, told from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

Featured Project

Water Proving Ground

What if the projected inundation of the urban edge by rising sea levels catalyzed a rethinking of the productive interplay between land and water? LTL addressed this question as one of five firms selected by the Museum of Modern Art to participate in the workshop and exhibition Rising Currents: Projects for New York’s Waterfront.

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In the News

Power, Climate and the Green New Deal

The topic of power has been in the news a lot lately: with literal power outages and rampant abuses of power in politics and public life. We’ve also been thinking about the power of stories and authentic voices. The last few months have seen a wave of climate events from the Global Climate Strike to the U.N. Climate Action Summit. In the US, we’re following the Green New Deal and the ways that re-centering the climate conversation on issues of justice might just change everything.

Topics: Climate, Energy, Power