Project: Aquatic Center for the South American Games
Location: Medellín, Colombia
Firm: Paisajes Emergentes + Andres Ospina Duque
Year: 2009-2010


Project Description: First prize in the international competition for the South American Games in Medellín, Colombia, the new aquatic center meets the needs of future competitions, while providing a new swimming and teaching facility and public pool. A system of gardens connects four swimming pools, while a flooded garden planted with species typical of tropical wetlands separates private and public spaces. The program required a complex system of bathrooms and changing rooms that are located beneath the aquatic gardens. A set of courtyards below ground level offer natural illumination and provide a meeting space and warm-up area for competitors and swimmers.

Project Team Members:
Architects: Paisajes Emergentes / Edgar Mazo, Sebastian Mejia, Luis Callejas
Landscape design: Paisajes Emergentes + Andres Ospina Duque
Coordination: Farid Maya
Collaborators: Juanita González, Eliana Beltrán, Sebastián Betancur, Andrés Zapata, Clara Arango and Adriana Tamayo
Project Collaborators: Farid Maya, Sebastián Monsalve, Luis Tobón, Iván Forgionni, Juan Sebastián Pérez, Andrés Zapata, Sebastián Serna, Juan Esteban Gómez, Érica Martínez and Aura Cuartas
Structural engineering: Jorge Aristizabal
Client: Medellín Mayor’s office, Inder, Coldeportes