Video: “Why Not? Conversations With the Stewards and Designers of the Golden Gate National Parks”

In the last post, we asked what it took to create a national park on the scale of the Golden Gate National Recreation area. In a joint effort by The Cultural Landscape Foundation and a multitude of volunteers and contributors, a 30-minute documentary explores these questions. Take a look:

Conversations with the Stewards and Designers of the Golden Gate National Parks

Norwegian National Tourist Routes + Abalimi Urban Agriculture Win Topos Jubilee Awards

The 20th Anniversary of Topos brings two special awards for very different projects in planning and design. Both awards were presented at the landscape Biennial in Barcelona, September 29th: The first goes to Per Ritzler from the National Tourist Routes Agency in Oslo; the second went to Christine Kaba and Bridget Impey from the voluntary association Abalimi Bezekhaya (“Farmers of Home”), an urban agriculture and environmental action project.

From the Topos editors:

The Norwegian National Tourist Routes

Recognized in order to highlight the Norway (a state “actively promoting and commissioning architecture on a significant scale”), as well as question whether or not it is responsible to encourage more car-based tourism, Continue reading