• Tunnel

    The Hole World: Scales and Spaces of Extraction

    by Gavin Bridge

    Landscapes of energy extraction are portals, wormholes between two worlds in which time and space work differently.

  • 07_Ranger Lake

    Pit and Quarry: The Cement and Slate Landscapes of Pennsylvania

    by Frank Matero

    The Lehigh Valley gave rise to several world-class extractive industries, including steel and cement production, coal mining, and slate quarrying. How should we preserve this rich industrial heritage?

  • Mathias Liebing_flickr

    Introduction: Extraction

    by Stephanie Carlisle and Nicholas Pevzner

    Extraction sustains our society. The economic value of raw materials regularly outweighs concerns about the practices and processes required to bring them to market. But have we really grappled with the complex systems that landscapes of extraction expose?


    Energy extraction from wind: marine re-territorialization in the North Sea

    by Claudia Bode

    The deployment of offshore wind power on a massive scale is driving new forms of marine management and cartographic representation, and upending traditional ideas about what constitutes national territory.

Featured Issue

05: Extraction

Extraction sustains our society. As the world becomes more urban and further removed from the landscapes that supply its raw materials and energy needs, more and more land is mined, blasted, dug, and drilled each year. How do these extraction landscapes fit into larger urban social, economic, and ecological frameworks? How can we bridge the disconnect between the city and its extractive hinterland?

Featured Project

Urban Regeneration: Foresting Vacancy In Philadelphia

Urban Regeneration proposes a land management strategy for vacant urban land that accumulates parcels and turns them to forest, aiming to redefine the meaning and function of vacancy in a city.


In the News

Recent Events: The Architecture League 5KL: Water Symposium

5KL: Water was the latest event in The Architecture League of New York’s ongoing Five Thousand Pound Life series. Both focused and expansive, it presented case studies from three very different regions that are each struggling to adapt their massive engineered water systems to the urgent challenges of the coming century.

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