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    Grounding Water

    by Matthew Wiener

    Unfortunately, landscape architects will never build a “solution” to groundwater, nor will they devise a method for reversing almost a century of wanton extraction.

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    Synthetic Transition: Designing the Novel Energy Landscape

    by Nicholas Pevzner

    Energy infrastructure is facing a systemic realignment. But where is our visionary regional planner, our Benton MacKaye, to offer a roadmap to the civic potential of these vast new energy landscapes?

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    Pit and Quarry: The Cement and Slate Landscapes of Pennsylvania

    by Frank Matero

    The Lehigh Valley gave rise to several world-class extractive industries, including steel and cement production, coal mining, and slate quarrying. How should we preserve this rich industrial heritage?

  • 15-Yarina-Contested Landscapes

    Contested landscapes: Staking claims in Michigan’s copper country

    by Elizabeth Yarina

    The return of copper mining to Michigan has ignited fierce public debate over landscape value and public land. A diverse set of groups has made competing claims to the landscape, seeing it as vertical territory.

Featured Issue

05: Extraction

Extraction sustains our society. As the world becomes more urban and further removed from the landscapes that supply its raw materials and energy needs, more and more land is mined, blasted, dug, and drilled each year. How do these extraction landscapes fit into larger urban social, economic, and ecological frameworks? How can we bridge the disconnect between the city and its extractive hinterland?

Featured Project


Promenada reimagines a banal former thoroughfare through a series of topographical modifications, reclaiming urban space for pedestrians and civic infrastructure. The manipulation of layered surfaces slows the flow of pedestrians, allowing spaces for pause, contemplation, and gathering.

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Scenario 6: Migration – open call closing soon

This has been a year of migration, in what promises to be a new normal of shifting populations and whole landscapes responding to changing climate and grinding conflict. SCENARIO 6: Migration is seeking critical essays, provocations, and design projects that explore the relationship between migration patterns and our designed landscape. The open call prompts us to think about the spatial, social and environmental impacts of flows, habitats, coasts, borders, and populations on the move.

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